“Statue of Qeysar Aminpour Built in a State of Reflection”

Iranian sculptor Hossein Ali Asgari is the creator of a newly-unveiled statue of prominent Persian poet late Qeysar Aminpour.

The statue was commissioned by Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organization and took one year to complete.

The statue has been installed at Qeysar Aminpour Square in northern Tehran.

Ali Asgari says before starting the project, he studied the collection of Qeysar Aminpour’s poems.

“But the statue was made on the basis of his latest pictures,” the Iranian sculptor noted.

“The mentality of a figurative sculptor is built on the basis of picture and the creation of this statue was no exception,” said Ali Asgari.

For building this statue, I talked to many people (who know Aminpour) and I realized that his kindness was the most import feature highlighted by them. But I could not trace any smiles in Qeysar’s photos. I found him rather thoughtful and I tried to portray this profoundness in this statue.”

Ali Asgari has already built 19 statues of prominent Iranian political and cultural figures which have been installed across Tehran.

He was born in 1976 in Tehran and graduated from School of Fine Arts. He holds a BA in painting and works as both painter and sculptor. Ali Asgari has already worked as an assistant to prominent Iranian sculptor Hamid Shaans.



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