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Cultural path must be accomplished as soon as possible .

Mohammad Montasheri said: The cultural paths must accomplish sooner, because as time goes by, the issue loses its novelty and will forgotten


According to Public Relations and International Affairs of Tehran's Beautification Organization, Mohammad Montazari, the singer's artist about the cultural walkway on Shahriar Avenue(between Vahdat Hall and the Theater of the City) said: "For many years, the cultural path has been raised as an important issue but it has not yet come to an end."
These things must come to an end sooner, because as much time passes, the subject loses its novelty .
Montasheri said: "City Theater and Vahdat Hall hosts many national and international festivals every year, its better these two center connected and become a cultural roadside to attract foreign audience of festivals in order to make the cultural space of Tehran more familiar to the foreign audience of festivals .
Montasheri emphasized: Of course, this project must be inspected from all points of view and should solve the problems so that this pedestrian comes to a perfect path.
In the end, Mohammad Montasheri said: "Proper spaces should be considered for art category and All the arts should be used on this pedestrian path.

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