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Creative Working Has Still a Long Way to Go in Our Country/ The Beautification Organization Has Great Projects in Process

The general manager and the advisor of Tehran mayor’s office said: I hope that art will be introduced in a better way and these artworks will not be presented in small galleries and halls.

In the closing ceremony of the National Urban Furniture Festival on the subject of children in Book Garden of Tehran, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Shoushtari said: We are grateful to have you here in this ceremony, in fact, your presence caused this Book Garden be opened before its official opening.

He called Book Garden as a creative project which has a special atmosphere for the visitors. He also said: I appreciate all the efforts of the people who have helped us to do this project in the recent years, since we know that woking in a creative way has still a long way to go in our country.

He emphasized: This means that great companies do not let these talents to be seen while the most of the work is usually done by the artists and students who design.

He also said: The festivals like these, give opportunity to people to take risks and show their talents. Unfortunately, we do not give such opportunities to the artists in our country, however, the Beautification Organization has attempted to do some projects based on this fact, which is really admirable. But it should happen all over the country so that economy can complete art.

The advisor and the general manager of Tehran mayor’s office said: Few people invest in this section, and that is why this section needs some help. The ideas are made and put into practice, but they are not being used everywhere. This is the municipality’s responsibility to help these ideas.

Shoushtari also said: The other organizations should also support these projects, and I hope that this process will be continued, and just like how sculpture symposiums have had its 8th period by now, the urban furniture will also be supported.

He emphasized on the fact that the Beautification Organizations has great projects in process, and he said: Organizing and improving the city walls was a great project which should have been appreciated in a good way.

He said: When you look at the portal of Melli Garden, you can see how different and more attractive it is now than it used to be, and when you enter Mashq Square, you can see how more relaxing this place have become, and this is all because of the Beautification Organization’s efforts in this field.

Shoushtari said: We need to make some programs for art to be continued, and I hope that with all the efforts of the Beautification Organization, art will be introduced well and not in small places.

He also said: Dr. Alizadeh, who is now the secretary of the beautification organizations and offices of metropolises, can invite other municipalities to Tehran so that they can see the change in the city, and I am sure this will be influential for them.

The advisor and the general manager of Tehran mayor’s office said: I was in Ardebil a couple of days ago, and I saw some eggs, which Mr. Mousavi worked on them 4-5 years ago, in a different form there. I also saw some flags in other citiies looking like what we had in Tehran. This is a good opportunity to create jobs and encourage the artists to take great parts in these projects.