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Call for Tehran 4th International Sculpture Symposium

Tehran Beautification Organization is holding Tehran 4th International Sculpture Symposium. The symposium is held from Shahrivar 20, 1391 (September 10, 2012) to Mehr 10, 1391 (October 1, 2012) in sculpture. It aims to expand Iran contemporary sculpture and tenderize Tehran urban space by modernizing current conditions and improving artistic creations, and also familiarizing the citizens with the stages of making works, beside generalizing aesthetic view in the society, and exchanging experiences, knowledge and skills among the artists.

The symposium is held in two sections _ the main and the students’ ones:

The main part: In this part there will be at most 12 Iranian artists and 10 foreign ones according to the jury’s opinion.

The students’ part: This section is just devoted to those students of sculpture who have experiences in making stone statues.

In this part at most 10 will attend the symposium.

Symposium main posts:

Symposium Manager: Dr. Sayyed Mohammad Javad Shoushtari

Policy Council Manager: Dr. Barzin Zarghami

Symposium Secretary: Sayyed Mojtaba Mousavi

Judgment Council: Saeed Shahlapour, Iraj Mohammadi, Taher Sheikh al-Hokamayi, Simin Ekrami, Sahand Hesamiyan

Jury: Behrouz Darash, Saeed Shahlapour,

Goals and Necessities: This symposium like the former one, takes sculpting with stone into consideration. Our country has various stone mines and stone, as one the best materials for sculpture is available and cheap, but unfortunately its application has not reached the desired position in sculpture. The current symposium’s goal is to offer and develop ideas and creative performing methods in stone sculpture for urban spaces and also know and introduce those artists who work in this field. It aims to encourage sculptors to use stone as the main material for sculpting too. During the symposium, the situation is in a way that interested citizens and students are able to get familiar with artists easily and visit the stages of such works directly.

Participation: All the symposium candidates should have experience and ability to work with stone and should be able to exercise their creative ideas in the allotted time on stone personally.

How to participate: The applicants for the symposium can refer to the symposium secretariat and register by filling the form, presenting an ID photo, offering valid résumé and photos of their works on a CD with JPEG format and 300 DPI resolution and a model of their suggested work. The offered model’s scale has to be 1/10. (Each applicant offers only one suggestion which has not not been performed anywhere else.) Models are to be of resistant quality which can be exhibited in the part of minor exhibition.

Registration deadline: Symposium secretariat starts registering from Khordad 27 to 31, 1391 (June 16 to 20, 2012) during office working hours. Selected artists are introduced via the website of Beautification Organization and broadcasting services in 10 days from the last day of registration.

Selection: The selection of artists is done according to the symposium presented models and with consideration to the artists’ résumés. The selection council will choose and invite 12 Iranian and 10 foreign artists in the main section, and at most 10 in the students’ part in order to complete their works in real size. It will also choose the models for the symposium minor exhibition.

Main Raw Materials:

- Each artist in the main section will be given at most a marble slab measuring roughly 300×100×100 centimeters.

- Each artist in the students’ section will be given a marble slab measuring roughly 150×50×50 centimeters.

Making and Performing Terms:

1- The symposium undertakes to provide the artists with required instruments such as milling and mini-milling instruments, cutting and grinding stones (available in local market) besides the mentioned stone slab. Artists are allowed to bring their personal instruments by them.

2- Forklifts and cranes are available in the workshop surroundings.

3- An assistant from among sculpture students will be introduced to each of the artists in the main section by the secretariat. (Performing will be fully done by the artist and students are present just as assistants).

4- Assistants’ registering in the determined period is just dependant on the relevant master’s letter of introduction.

5- Each of the artists’ assistants is given at the end 5,000,000 Rials and a license of attendance.


The symposium will be celebrated at Tehran, Javanmardan Park located in Hemmat highway, Rud-e Darreye Kan.

Entrance Fee:

1- Main section: 40,000,000 Rials of Iran

2- Students’ section: 15,000,000 Rials of Iran

3- Expenditures related to visa requirements, round trip ticket

4- All the attendant artists apart from entrance fee are provided with symposium attendance license.


Awards: The symposium in the main section will have three selected works according to the Jury’s opinion which are introduced at the closing ceremony and are given some awards as below:

- Honorary certificate and 100,000,000 million Rials for the first artist

- Honorary certificate and 70,000,000 million Rials for the second artist

- Honorary certificate and 50,000,000 million Rials for the third artist

• In case of foreign artists being selected as winner, they are given foreign currency (euro and dollar) equivalent to the awards’ Rial value.

Other Points:

1- Those artists who do not continue or not complete their work during the symposium time due to personal reasons are not given the entrance fee.

2- Symposium’s working hours is 9am to 6pm and working in other times is not possible. It is necessary for the artists to observe the symposium’s workshop general disciplines.

3- Artists and assistants should be watchful about security affairs during working in the workshop. They are responsible for any accident which happens due to their carelessness. By the way, artists are provided with safety equipments such as helmets, gloves, overalls, goggles and all the artists, assistants, and executive agents of symposium in workshop space are insured.

4- All the artworks made in the symposium belong to the Tehran municipality and the right to use them and their photos in website, brochures, catalogs, etc is reserved for the secretariat.

5- A catalog of the symposium is published and one volume will be granted to the selected artists.

6- Climate conditions will not change the symposium timing.

7- In the case of occurring certain matters out of the symposium norms by any present individual, the secretariat will decide about the rest of that person’s presence.

The symposium secretariat address: Tehran Sculpture Centre, Amarat-e Eyn al-Dowle (Barg picture gallery), eastern Shahid Jamali St, Shahid Vafamanesh st, Heravi Square, Pasdaran


Tel and fax: 00982122969742

Website: www.zibasazi.ir


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