• Collection of Articles Presented at National Conference on Architecture and Sustainable City
    Published in 2013 The concept of sustainable development is among the important issues highlighted in architecture and urban planning. Sustainable development is of great significance as it paves the way for the participation of the people in urban activities which in turn leads to the fulfillment of the citizens’ daily needs and gives rise to a favorable landscape. Unfortunately, the concept of sustainable development has been taken into account seriously in the Iranian architecture due to the rise of some physical developments and a number of abnormalities. Tehran Beautification Organization has released a new book that includes a collection of articles presented at the National Conference on Architecture and Sustainable City. The articles deal with important urban issues including methods of teaching architecture and urban planning, sustainable urban landscape, environmental graphics.
  • Tabatabaei’s statue unveiled
    Tuesday, 25 August 2015 12:27
    The stature of literature researcher, critic and historian, Mohammad Mohit Tabatabei unveiled during a ceremony with the managing director of Tehran Beautification Organization, Dr. Issa Alizadeh, District 12 mayor, Abed Maleki, acting managing director of TBO, Dr. Mohammadkhani, Ahmad Mohit…
  • Top participants of mother’s festival:
    Tehran Beautification Organization appreciated
    Monday, 24 August 2015 11:56
    The mother’s festival which aims to value the role of mothers and their identity and also bold their crucial rule to build the society was held under two categories; film and photography. During the closing ceremony of this festival, Tehran…
  • Socio-cultural effects of Naser Khosro street refurbishment
    Monday, 24 August 2015 11:55
    A meeting was held with experts, referees and researchers of Tehran Beautification Organization to discuss the socio-cultural effects of Naser Khosro street refurbishment. Most of Tehran monuments dating back to Ghajar and Safavieh era are located in this area and…
  • 1st meeting of art and urban aesthetics held
    Monday, 24 August 2015 11:54
    1st session of the set of meetings for art and urban aesthetics titled view and urban edges (refurbishment and removal of pollution) was held with the deputy of planning and development of Tehran Beautification Organization, Hamed Rezaei, a number of…
  • 10th national festival of public relations publications announced top members:
    TBO’s public relations received 1st rank
    Sunday, 23 August 2015 11:43
    Communications management and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization selected as the number one public relations department in Iran. TBO received two ranks, the first one in the specific publications and the second one for the production of films and…

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Tehran Beautification Organization is a none-government organization affiliated to Tehran Municipality and seeks to improve the quality of urban life in the Iranian capital.


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