In the joint session of TBO managers and participants of the lighting conference unveiled:
The sculptor artist, Iraj Mohammadi said:
Approved by the art council of TBO:
Secretariat of the third national biannual of urban graffiti:


  • Collection of Articles Presented at National Conference on Architecture and Sustainable City
    Published in 2013 The concept of sustainable development is among the important issues highlighted in architecture and urban planning. Sustainable development is of great significance as it paves the way for the participation of the people in urban activities which in turn leads to the fulfillment of the citizens’ daily needs and gives rise to a favorable landscape. Unfortunately, the concept of sustainable development has been taken into account seriously in the Iranian architecture due to the rise of some physical developments and a number of abnormalities. Tehran Beautification Organization has released a new book that includes a collection of articles presented at the National Conference on Architecture and Sustainable City. The articles deal with important urban issues including methods of teaching architecture and urban planning, sustainable urban landscape, environmental graphics.
  • The sculptor artist, Behruz Daresh said:
    Sculptures affect ideas
    Wednesday, 19 November 2014 09:50
    The sculptor artist, Behruz Daresh, stated that art alone is not enough to remove the visual pollution in a city and added: “the city is formed by categories which are connected together, and they make sense beside each other.” He…
  • 3rd biannual of urban graffiti extended
    Wednesday, 19 November 2014 09:21
    The secretariat office of the 3rd biannual for urban graffiti under the subject of urban witnesses has extended the deadline for further registration and planning of the artist to 28 Nov 2014. TBO has selected 500 walls in all of…
  • Along with the third graffiti biannual of Tehran:
    TBO refurbishes old walls
    Tuesday, 18 November 2014 18:33
    TBO has asked the artists and masters of graffiti to refurbish five hundred walls in Tehran. The cultural and urban arts deputy of Tehran Beautification Organization (TBO) and head of policy making committee of the third national biannual for graffiti,…
  • Biennial sculpture events not limited to Tehran
    Tuesday, 18 November 2014 18:32
    The Iranian sculpture artists, Reza Gharebaqi, stated that biennial sculpture events for urban environments are important occasions, which have never been witnessed in other countries. He mentioned that despite the ideology of this event, which is limited to Tehran’s geographical…
  • Exhibition of urban landscape by Swiss architectures
    Tuesday, 18 November 2014 18:30
    The opening ceremony of the urban perspective exhibition was held on 15 Nov 2014 in Barg Gallery of Tehran. Talebi, the head for board of managers in green environment and landscape, stated that this exhibition transfers the experience of the…

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Tehran Beautification Organization is a none-government organization affiliated to Tehran Municipality and seeks to improve the quality of urban life in the Iranian capital.


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