• Collection of Articles Presented at National Conference on Architecture and Sustainable City
    Published in 2013 The concept of sustainable development is among the important issues highlighted in architecture and urban planning. Sustainable development is of great significance as it paves the way for the participation of the people in urban activities which in turn leads to the fulfillment of the citizens’ daily needs and gives rise to a favorable landscape. Unfortunately, the concept of sustainable development has been taken into account seriously in the Iranian architecture due to the rise of some physical developments and a number of abnormalities. Tehran Beautification Organization has released a new book that includes a collection of articles presented at the National Conference on Architecture and Sustainable City. The articles deal with important urban issues including methods of teaching architecture and urban planning, sustainable urban landscape, environmental graphics.
  • Along with the national biennial of graffiti under the title of urban witnesses:
    Iranian painters revive Tehran walls
    Saturday, 13 December 2014 14:54
    Secretariat of the national biennial of urban witnesses’ graffiti, Seyed Nezam al-Din Emamifar, stated that around 600 painter artists have registered to participate in this event. Those who are interested can send their proposed designs to the secretariat office of…
  • Selected sculpture for Enqelab Sq.
    Saturday, 13 December 2014 14:52
    The head of Tehran Beautification Organization, Dr. Jamal Kamyab, stated that TBO has started the required programs and plans for the sculpture of Enqelab Sq. from January 2014 and added: “among the received works of art, the proposed work by…
  • 8th festival of Cinema Verite
    Saturday, 13 December 2014 14:47
    The 8th festival of cinema verite, with the subject of urban documentation will be held in Felestin and Sepideh cinemas to expand urban concepts. Development center for documentary and scientific cinema for the organization of cinematic affairs with the cooperation…
  • With three generations of Iran’s sculptors:
    Selection committee of 4th biannual of urban sculptures
    Saturday, 13 December 2014 14:41
    TBO holds the 4th biannual of urban sculptures to boost the quality of sculpture art for urban environments. The selection committee for this biannual event consists of Behruz Daresh, Iraj Mohammadi, Hamid Shans, Reza Gharebaqi and Rima Eslam Maslak. International…
  • Head of Tehran Beautification Organization:
    TBO follows approved regulations for ads
    Saturday, 13 December 2014 14:36
    Head of Tehran Beautification Organization, Dr. Jamal Kamyab stated that regarding environmental ads, TBO has moved based on the approved regulations of city council and said: “environmental advertisement is one of the most challenging responsibilities of TBO and due to…

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Tehran Beautification Organization is a none-government organization affiliated to Tehran Municipality and seeks to improve the quality of urban life in the Iranian capital.


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